Save the date – HPO meeting Vienna autumn 2019 #update #workshop

Pazmandi Julia

Dear All,
We are happy to announce the date of the upcoming HPO terminology workshop for our working group members on the 17th–18th  October in Vienna! Kaan Boztug and his team organise the meeting on behalf of the ESID Working Party Genetics and the ERN RITA. This time we will invite guests from Orphanet and try to finalize a manuscript of our work done so far. 
The meeting will start on Thursday around 12.00, and will end on Friday afternoon (+/-16.00).
The plan is that accommodation will be provided to attendees, and we will be able to reimburse travel costs up to €300. 
Please let us know if you  will be able to join before the 19th of July to: Maximilian.Rau@... . 
Julia, Matthias, Marielle and Kaan